A Couple More Bike Routes

As well as my trip to Breezy and back, I also went to Nisswa and Lake Hubert last week.

A-C-D on Thursday, A – B – C – D on Saturday.

Vanna accompanied me on the longer, Lake Hubert journey, which was nice (I do like company from time to time). It was definitely a challenging ride for the both of us, but it was nice to go along a different path for a change. Fun fact: the bend around Rice Lake you can see in the picture above was where we…well, Vanna, rescued the turtle.

This little dude.

Aims for this week? Well I’d really like to do one of these…

So long it needs instructions.

…but I’m more likely to do something like this.

More my level at the moment.

I’m pretty pleased with how things are going though. At the moment I’m just trying to add variety to my rides while I build up the stamina necessary for those more ambitious routes above. Saturday’s Lake Hubert trip was tough, but I wasn’t exhausted by it, so maybe by the end of August I’ll be capable of 20+ miles. I guess I’ll see how it goes.

Still, it is a good start, right?





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