Yesterday I Got Manly Stuff!

Hello all,

Yesterday Vanna and I went to Vanna’s bridal shower. Why was I there? Well, at some point Vanna invited me…so I ended up going with her. Uh, I think that was more or less the decision-making in its entirety. But hey, I’m not going to complain about doing something social. It worked out nicely as a bride/groom party anyway. We all had fun, and that is all that matters, right? (such was my dedication to the evening festivities, I even posed with a tiara, much like a bridesmaid would do…so there).

So, what did we do? Well, there were games; first there was Tiara or Stache, where the group had to guess if the answer to a question was something I said or Vanna said (for example “who gave their partner the nickname nostril?”) then we had a pass the parcel type game (pictures of our gifts below). Finally we had six rounds of Pictionary (I came joint top with Larry, the only other male at the party). Alas I wasn’t allowed to participate in the Tiara Or Stache game for some reason (they thought my knowledge of all the answers would have spoiled the competition somewhat…pft). Still, it was fun to see what people thought we said. Sadly we ruined some of the questions with our answers (for the first thing that attracted us to our partner, I said ‘American-ness’ and Vanna said ‘Height’…couldn’t really use that one, could we?) but it was a good time nonetheless.

As well as games there was also gifts! We weren’t expecting anything so that was a really nice, pleasant surprise. An even bigger surprise was that I got presents! Me! (it was a bridal shower remember, and usually you get couple gifts, nothing for the groom specifically) Check out my goodies!

Tool kit (mine), fishing tackle boxes (also mine), plus Yonanas ice cream maker, picture frame, Tupperware and oven mitts.

Pictures were taken of the group but I don’t have those (at the moment) so you’ll have to do without (for now). Sorry.

Anyway, that was yesterday. We really enjoyed the evening, and I’m glad I was invited. Great food (brats roasted on the fire, salad, cake and smores!) and great company…what more could we ask for?

How about the plan for today? Nothing too special (Vanna works) but we hope to get our rings resized at a jewellers in Brainerd. We ordered our chairs yesterday too, which means, rings aside, we just have the marriage license to sort out. We’re getting there!

8 days!




P.S. Thank you to the Kidds, Becky and Meg for their hospitality, gifts and wonderful company. We had a great night; we’re honored you made the effort for us (well mainly Vanna as it was her bridal shower, but thanks for making me welcome too!), and we look forward to seeing you all next Saturday!

P.P.S. Oh, and for everybody else, here’s a link to our wedding website in case you’re interested in reading more about our life. Thanks!



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