A Few Pictures Of Rice Lake

The wedding is in three days and we are almost ready. The chairs have been ordered, our AOS filing fee has been met, and more (most) importantly, we picked up our marriage license from the court-house yesterday. Once our official signs it on the day, we’ll be able to send the license back to the county so it can get the official seal of approval. From there we can work on making me a USA resident.

Now we’re just working on the loose ends. The jewelers need to finish resizing my ring, but we should hear back from them before Friday. Oh and Vanna needs shoes (we’re hoping to buy them today), but otherwise we are more or less good to go. The only real concern now is the weather; this weekend is forecast for bad thunderstorms all day…which isn’t good. I’m optimistic that we’ll be fine, but we might have to think about a plan B. Typical that, after all these beautifully sunny days, the one time we need it to be nice it won’t be.

Yesterday, for example, was lovely. We met Vanna’s cousin Britt for a picnic on Rice Lake. Naturally I took pictures. Look how great the weather was!


Hopefully it’ll be just as nice on Saturday. Just got to keep our fingers crossed I suppose.



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