The Wedding Day (A Preview!)

More Photography On The Citadel

Good news: we’ve heard back from the photographer! Yesterday evening Alex (photographer Alex, not me) messaged Vanna asking her (well us) to choose our 20 favourite pictures, which she will then professionally edit. So they’re not quite ready yet…but almost there!

Now the next part of our honeymoon week, of course, is the wedding day.  But before I start talking about the wedding, I want to have the finished pictures from the photographer. That way I can use the photos to help capture the memories of our special day.  And I reckon that a combination of my words and the photos together will make for a much nicer blog than just my words.

So that’s my plan. Giving how impatient I am, I may just end up blogging sans photos (and then add them in later), but for now I’m going to wait until Alex gets back to us before…

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