A Blog Redecoration!

Hello, and welcome to the refurbished writingonthecitadel!

Doesn’t it look marvellous? Please, look around! Explore! Awe at the blog’s sophistication and beauty! …Click on things!


So, after two years (and four months) I have finally got round to renovating my beloved blog! Though I have posted regularly throughout that time, I must admit I’ve been somewhat lazy with regards to basic blog maintenance.  Really, this upheaval was long overdue. But hey, I’ve done it now, and doesn’t it look good?

That isn’t to say, however, that the appearance is the only thing I have improved. As well as changing the theme and updating the older, forgotten sections of my blog, I’ve also worked on making everything more accessible to you, the reader (please, start clicking!).

What have I done? Well, let me tell you!

  • New Theme! I have wanted to change WOTC’s old theme for a while, but never found a new one that I really liked. It was only when I created morephotographyonthecitadel did I find one that really appealed. Using MPOTC as a test, I was able to see if the theme would work for me. Not only did I think it look better, I found it easier to use and easier to navigate than the theme I used to have on this blog.  I hope you agree.
  • New Header! Okay, it is from the same trip to Lake Superior in 2011, but it is different from before and therefore new!
  • New Sidebars! This theme has two sidebars, and I’m using both of them! I’ve smarted up the widgets too.
  • New Gravatar! My picture is no longer three years old! No idea why I didn’t change it sooner. Ah well, I have now. New blog face, new Gravatar face.
  • Updated Categories! My categories have been unorganized for a long time so I’ve finally sorted them out. A few categories have been deleted, while others have merged into parent folders. To help archive exploring, I’m also in the process of re-categorizing old blog posts.
  • Updated Pages! About page and the Purebloods page have been amended.

And I think that is about it. I hope you like the changes.


P.S. Wedding blog will be coming shortly; I need to create a new photography blog first. I’ll keep you posted.





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