Driving To The Boundary Waters (A Picture Journey)

Even More Photography On The Citadel

So, we got married on Saturday 16th August, as the pictures yesterday proved. That was pretty awesome, but what happened after that?

Well, Sunday we checked out the hotel (we didn’t have to leave until noon so I watched more football!) and slowly made our way north, via a stop at her (our?) grandparents, to home.

As Vanna had taken the entire week off, we decided to do…well, nothing. At least for the first few days anyway. We essentially bummed around the house. We did leave the building a couple of times (I learned how to cast…and caught a fish! More on that later) but really, the most we got to ‘going outside’ was taking pictures from the entryway.

Monday it rained... Monday it rained…

Tuesday it didn't. Hello Kitten! Tuesday it didn’t. Hello Kitten!

Argh! Argh!

But we didn’t spend all week in the house, oh no. Tuesday night we came up with a plan! For our…

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