Pictures From The Boundary Waters: Thursday (Part One)

Even More Photography On The Citadel

Early Thursday afternoon and we were in Ely. A pretty tourist town (no pictures; that was one of the few places in the Boundary Waters that we didn’t document…), and home of the International Wolf Centre.

Now, you may not know this about Vanna, but she loves wolves. Like seriously loves wolves. If you were to ask her what her dream job would be, she would say something about working with the wolves at Ely in some capacity. That’s three sentences where I’ve written ‘wolves’ three times and ‘love’ twice.  I don’t think I can stress Vanna’s…keenness for Canis lupus any more than that.

So the wolf centre (I refuse to spell it the US way!) was our priority. This was the main reason for travelling north! Understandably, Vanna was excited about her first visit. After years of waiting, she was finally there. I was excited too, though nowhere near…

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