Pictures From The Boundary Waters: Thursday (Part Two)

Even More Photography On The Citadel

-The Thursday Story Continued-

So we left the Ranger Station at around 5pm with the information for several potential hiking trails. Because Vanna really wanted to see a waterfall (and who am I to deny her that?), we decided to attempt the short walk to Kawishiwi Falls, which seemed to be the only accessible waterfall in the Boundary Waters. Courtesy of my awesome map reading skills (I flattened the map out on the bonnet of the car and everything…like a pro), we were in the trail car park in less than thirty minutes. Boom!


Thanks to the weather (humid, rain approaching) and the late time of day, we had the place practically to ourselves (there was one vehicle there when we arrived, and another one when we left, but we didn’t see either car’s occupants). As the round trip to the Falls and back was only about a mile…

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