Pictures From The Boundary Waters: Thursday (Part Three)

Even More Photography On The Citadel

Right…the final part of our eventful Honeymoon Thursday.

There are two parts to this story; the hike to Ennis Lake, and the horrible night I had afterwards (it wasn’t so bad for Vanna, but she was utterly miserable on the walk so it balances out). First, the hike!

Here’s a map that I painstakingly created in Paint (not all of it; I cropped from Google). Admittedly the lines aren’t exactly accurate, but they’re close enough. Red is the route we took; blue the other trails. Black arrows show direction. Obviously.

Map Route

Our plan was to stop by the scenic overlooks by Ennis. You’re probably wondering why I didn’t flag those up on the map. Well, I forgot, all right? It was hard work, doing that. Just pretend there are four stars across that bottom line, and we’ll say nothing more about it.

Anyway, the total distance to this hike was approximately…

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