Pictures From The Boundary Waters: Garden Lake

Even More Photography On The Citadel

Right, back to the Honeymoon week. Quite a while ago that, wasn’t it? Even I thought I’d be done by now.  But I still have a few albums to show you (and they are worth sharing) so on we go. And it’s not like there is much happening in real-time. Vanna is working a lot while I…Xbox and watch Peep Show.  Ahem.


So, Friday. Got up early (before 7!) because when you are completely miserable (details here), it is best not to prolong the agony.  Once the sun was up, I was ready to move on. Vanna, to her credit, didn’t complain when I nudged her awake.  As the mosquitoes were still lingering around the vehicle, we decided to drive somewhere else to get ready.

Eventually we ended up at Garden Lake as the boat access there was abandoned.  There was an early morning mist drifting across the…

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