Goin’ Fishin’

Today Becky and I are going to fish! On a lake! From a boat!

Hows that for a Sunday plan? I’m super tired (it is 7am after all) but nonetheless excited. This will be my first non-ice fishing trip so I’m pretty keen to get out there. Another new experience for me and it should be fun. Hopefully I’ll reel in a few big uns. Or even one big un. Heck, doesn’t even have to be big. So long as it is edible. Or worth keeping. A fish? Eh, I’m not fussy. I just want to catch…something.

So…yeah. If I do manage to catch something (fingers crossed for lots of tasty fishies, but yeah even one would do), I will have my camera to document the event.

And if I don’t get anything? Well…I’ll uh, show you Becky’s fish. Or the scenery. Even if I fail miserably on my first ever fishing trip, there will be pictures for you. That is my promise. I can’t say fairer than that, can I?

Uh, I guess that is all I have time for (I’m not up this early on a Sunday for fun, you know) at the moment. I will talk about my weekend adventures (today’s fishing trip isn’t the only exciting thing I’ve done; yesterday I went to an auction!) sometime next week. But I probably should get going. Before I fall asleep and miss out.

Wish me luck!






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