Gone Fishin…I’m Back With Fish (…And Photos!)

Even More Photography On The Citadel

You’ll be glad to hear I had a good time fishing yesterday. Even though neither of us were very successful in our efforts to catch…well, anything, it was a fun experience. I enjoyed it, and that’s all that matters, right?

So, what happened? Read on to find out!

(oh, and there are pictures too!)

8am-9am: Becky picked me up around half 7. We got to her house and prepped for the trip; got the boat ready, made sandwiches etc.

9am-12pm: Headed along the Mississippi to Little Rabbit Lake. Becky caught and put back over a dozen fish (mostly sunfish that were too small to eat) while I also managed to reel in a couple of sunfish that were too small to keep. There were a lot of bites but the fish sucked off the bait before we could hook them. Stupid fish.

12pm-1pm: In the next thirty minutes, I was…

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