Another Day, Another Auction

Got to be honest; when I said I wanted to go to another auction, I didn’t expect to be going back less than a week later, but today Becky is taking me to an auction in Pequot Lakes!

What is for sale? No idea. Will we get anything? No idea. Will it be fun? I sure hope so!

Going to the auction does mean I’ll miss today’s football (my regular routine is to wake up at 6:30 to watch all the matches) but eh, if one of us manages to pick up something cool it will be worth it (Chelsea, my team, play tomorrow anyway).

Pretty cold this morning; looks like I need to start wearing my hoodies again. Gusty cold winds mostly, but snow is rumoured too. So much for Autumn, huh? Oh joy. But hey, no mosquitoes!


Anyway I should go. I will have my camera today, so if there is a picture opportunity I’ll be ready for it. Who knows what I’ll see?

Keep you posted,



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