A Day Of Tomorrows

Before I begin, a quick apology once again. I don’t intend to be this sporadic with my posts, I really don’t. Uh, maybe things will be better in November? I don’t know. Sorry all the same. I’ll try harder in future.

So, A Day of Tomorrows. A little bit of terrible word play to start us off. You’re welcome.

What am I talking about? Well, of course the biggest tomorrow is the actual tomorrow to today. Unless you’re in Australia or Asia (aren’t timezones fun?!), then it is today, and this whole tomorrow thing is lost. Damn. But for everybody else (in America and Europe anyway) tomorrow is the 31st of October, aka Halloween, and this makes sense!

(Got there eventually didn’t I? See, isn’t the title totally worth it?)

Ah yes, tomorrow is that magical time of the year when Americans celebrate and everybody else just gets on with their lives. Isn’t it fantastic?

After 21 Halloweens where I’ve done either nothing or next to nothing (I’ve went trick or treating twice, I think), this year I’m actually going to make an effort, mainly because I’m now in the country that loves Halloween more than it loves some family members, and I’d certainly be outcast forever if I didn’t. Okay, probably outcast. Hmm, possibly then, possibly rejected from society? All right, it is highly unlikely that I will be struck out. But still, it is not worth the risk.

It is going to be strange. Normally Effort and I don’t often go together (I prefer to settle in with Lazy), but as Vanna loves Halloween, what choice do I have? I’m expected to join in. I tried arguing (“can I not just go as an Englishman? I’ll be the only one there!”) that it goes against my culture, but she played the ‘wife card’ on me which, as all husbands know, is more or less applicable for, well, everything. Something to watch out for, future grooms.

So I’m dressing up as well. In fact, I have two different costumes, one for Friday night and another for Saturday night (seriously, Halloween is like a second Christmas in the States). One is a couple costume that I have no idea what is going to turn out like (it involves face paint…), and the other is a half-assed superhero costume. If you need more than one guess to work out which superhero it is, then you should be ashamed of yourself.

(Even if you don’t know me, you should know. And no, not Batman)

How about some pictures of the costumes? Or at least some more details? Not yet, sorry. I’ll provide both after the event. Why not this weekend? Well, Vanna and I are going up to Bemidji tomorrow to ‘party up’ with her friends there (I’m going to be the cool guy in the corner shouting ‘party up’ to everybody) and won’t be home until Sunday.  I plan to bring my camera so hopefully there will be some decent pictures by the time we head home. The full (well, abridged) story will then follow once I’m home and I’ve sobered up (Tuesday maybe?).

Now you probably think that Halloween is the most exciting date in our calendar. But you’d be wrong! So wrong! Even more exhilarating than the day I wear makeup (ugh), is November 28th, which happens to be exactly four weeks tomorrow.

(Now do you get the title? Another tomorrow! Told you it was worth it.)

The day after Thanksgiving (another new holiday experience for me), Vanna and I (along with her cousin Britt) will be going to see In This Moment and Starset (they are both bands, old folks/my dad) at Myth (a club, I believe) in St Paul!

Super, super pumped up for that. In This Moment and Starset (who you may recall from the Trivium gig in March) are two of our favourite bands, so we can’t wait for that. The fact they are touring together is fantastic (once we saw ITM’s Black Widow Tour was going to Minnesota we were interested; once we saw Starset were involved we were incredibly interested), so yeah, definitely excited to see them play. The fact they are at a venue less than five miles away from Vanna’s grandparents is just an added bonus.

There are two other bands with, but I haven’t listened to either yet so I’m not sure whether I’ll like them or not. I just hope Starset get a better reception than they did last time they were in MN. Given their recent upsurge in popularity (I think ‘My Demons’ was the longest number one in 2014 on Loudwire radio) and the fact they aren’t supporting a heavy metal band should mean the crowd are more receptive to their presence. Either way, I’ll be wearing my Starset T-Shirt to show my support.  Thanks to this blog, I was once on the sixth row of google images for the band, so maybe the band will recognize me. If not, I have a mildly interesting fact to tell them if I manage to speak to them afterwards. Better than just saying ‘thank you’, right?

(I’ll talk more about the bands, their respective albums – Starset’s I have owned for a while but forgot to talk about, while ITM’s comes out in a few weeks – and the gig closer to the event. So excited!)

And finally, there is something potentially even more thrilling than Halloween and the gig. How could there be, I hear you ask. What could be better than wearing makeup without judgement (urgh) and a concert involving two of your favourite bands, I hear you exclaim.

Well, people, there is one thing even greater than those two things: an Xbox One. After weeks, months, years of waiting, I might be on the cusp of owning one. Nothing guaranteed, but maybe, just maybe, I’ll have bought an Xbox One sometime next week. How fantastic is that? I know it doesn’t quite fit with the ‘tomorrow’ theme, but it is worth mentioning, no?

Will update you on any developments. Hopefully it’ll happen soon.

Speak to you later,


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