7 Days!

Hello all!

7 days! 7 days! What about 7 days? Well, in exactly 7 days it will be Friday the 28th November, which will affectionately be referred to from now on as Black Widow Day. A day usually known for being Black Friday and/or the day where you try to get over your Thanksgiving hangover (so much turkey, right Americans? I think that once I’ve experienced my first big dinner on Thursday, I should automatically be considered an honorary American) has now gained extra significance. Why? Because next Friday – I mean, Black Widow DayIn This Moment and Starset (along with two other bands) will be in St Paul, Minnesota on ITM’s Black Widow Tour, and Vanna and I will be right with them! (alas not literally, but we will be in the crowd watching them perform, which is still pretty damn cool).

Now I did briefly mention this exciting news a few weeks back, but as we are within touching distance (I said 7 days, right?) I feel it is worth discussing again because I. Am. So. Very. Very. Very. EXCITED!

Wow, I’m practically a screaming preteen girl at a…uh, Disney’s flavour of the month concert (I’d refer to Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus or Justin Bieber here, but I think both those ships have sailed…are the Jonas Brothers still around? I’m proud to say I’m clueless) at this stage, aren’t I? I would apologize, but being stuck in the house (stupid snow, stupid cold) editing for hours isn’t exactly fun so I need to jump on any occasion where I can go out and enjoy myself. Besides, Black Widow Day is pretty damn exciting, isn’t it? I think my use of bold text and capitals (the two best ways to convey important emotions) was justified. I have no regrets!

Anyway, I was going to use this space to review the Starset album and the new In This Moment album (which we got earlier this week), as I said I would in the link above. But as I have no idea how to review music (or anything, for that matter) I think I’ll settle for just saying both albums are very, very good. I wasn’t entirely sure about Black Widow when I first started listening to it, but I think it is In This Moment’s best album to date. Their music direction may have changed, but overall, I have no complaints with their ‘new sound’. Some of the songs on Black Widow are spectacular, including the standout song, Dirty Pretty, which I really, really love. 9/10.

As for Starset, I knew I’d like them, but I didn’t realize how much. Transmissions, their album, blew me away with its majesty. The music (both the orchestral elements and the techy stuff they do…told you I have no idea what I’m talking about), the lyrics and the overarching concepts within those aspects (space, exploration and a host of other meanings that I’m too tired to go into) complement each other beautifully.

…Does that even make sense? I’m sorry, my mind is completely frazzled for me to think properly. Just know that I think Transmissions is a seriously compelling album, and a very impressive debut for Starset. 8.5/10. Here’s another song for you. Enjoy!

I still haven’t listened to the other bands on the tour yet, but hopefully I’ll get round to that sometime next week (before the gig that is!). Until then, have a great Friday, and I’ll speak to you later.



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