Superb Starset and a very disappointing In This Moment

Even More Photography On The Citadel

Hey y’all (bit of American lingo for you there, you’re welcome),

I’m back and ready to blog! Sorry about the delay, but I needed a couple of special pictures from Vanna before I could talk about the gig. You’re probably wondering what is so important about a couple of pictures, but as you’ll soon see, these were worth waiting for.

Right then, Friday!

Oh wait, Thursday. Before the gig, there was, of course, Thanksgiving Dinner with the (new) family. As it was my first Thanksgiving experience, I should let you know how it went, huh?

Well, it was pretty damn good. There was turkey, mashed potatoes, rutabagas (like turnip/swede), parsnips, green bean casserole, buns…all sorts. Twas delicious. Didn’t overdo it either, which was a plus. Very tasty. I’m definitely down for doing that every year!

Okay, back to Friday. We set off early afternoon. Nothing too eventful happened on…

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