My Very First Real Christmas Tree! (Pictures!)

Even More Photography On The Citadel

Hello all!

So, now that we’re deep into the month of December, that Christmas feeling is really beginning to spread around the place…

141214_062 Except for the weather. What is this?!

141214_063 I thought Minnesota was supposed to be snowy around now!

141214_064 Not that I’m complaining, mind. This weather might be dreary, but it is preferable to snow and ice and cold. *of course, it would snow the day after these pictures were taken; we now have a thick layer of white and everything is miserably cold again*

…and the Best household is no exception. The most noticeable change is our Christmas tree, which also happens to be the first non-artificial tree that I’ve ever had. Though I campaigned for a fake tree – no mess, no fuss – Vanna was adamant it had to be real, and would not budge from that stance. Getting a real tree from a tree farm…

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