Cats At HART Animal Shelter

Even More Photography On The Citadel

Hello all,

Yesterday Vanna and I went to HART animal shelter to look at the cats. Why did we do that? Well, essentially we wanted to check out potential friends for Anya in case the highly unlikely (but still possible!) scenario we’re allowed a second cat comes to fruition.

Yes this is another cat related blog, I know, I know. But this one has pictures of other cats so it is different, okay? Stick with it!

So why another cat? Our reasoning behind Cat Number 2 is simple enough; Anya needs someone to play with. Since last week’s post about kitten’s bad behavior, I have made a conscious effort to play with her more, particularly during the evening when she is most energetic. The late night routine with the laser pen has worked wonders; kitten loves chasing and hunting the red dot, and her behavior has greatly improved as…

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