Christmas Fun (In January)

Yesterday Vanna and I went to our friend Becky’s house for her family Christmas (we’re honorary family members), which was postponed to Tuesday because of various work/travel commitments (it was a similar story last year). It was a really fun evening; we had fish fry (crappie, bass, Northern, Walleye; if you cast your mind back, I even caught some of the crappie), played cards, had a few drinks…and of course, played the dice game.

To recap, the dice game is where everyone sits around a table stacked with gifts (usually novelty things, or small household items) and rolls two die (dice? I still haven’t cleared this up) in an attempt to pick out a present (7,11 and doubles are the numbers needed to take something). Once the table is clear, the presents are opened, and then there is the steal round, where each player gets three turns to take a gift of their choosing from their friends/family/mortal enemies…providing,of course, they roll a 7 or 11 (doubles don’t count this time). Fairly straightforward, right? It’s a fun game to play.

Now the last time I played the dice game (check the first link in the introduction), I didn’t do too well. I ended up with some decent stuff, but that was mostly down to pity and bargaining. This time, however, I was far luckier. Four of my rolls were good uns, and by the end of the first round, I had:

  • A big bag of pistachios
  • Cherry stick chocolates
  • Two martini glasses
  • …A Duck Dynasty Dancing Santa. Ugh.

My luck in the steal round was largely bad; I failed to roll a 7 or 11, and my martini glasses were stolen from me (boo Larry!). But I did manage to ditch the Duck Dynasty Dancing Santa, so I suppose I can’t complain too much. And after some clever trading, I left with…

A small flashlight and multi-tool kit! Better than pistachios!

Useful and stylish!

And the best mug ever. Seriously, just look at it.


Vanna loves it. You can just see the joy light up in her eyes when I ring the bell. She doesn’t say it, of course, but I can tell she is really pleased that I’ve got it in our house (cheers Larry!). I’m not entirely sure that the ringing guide works for me, so I might have to devise my own system before I can start using it officially. 1 ring = refill works, but I think 2 = toast should be changed to 2 = food. As for 3, I’m willing to listen to suggestions. Emergency situations perhaps, like if I need a pillow or my laptop charger (just now I realized my phone needed to be charged and the charger wasn’t plugged into the wall, so I had to get up and plug it in…that’s just ridiculous). Hmm, I’m not sure what to choose. It isn’t something you rush into, y’know? I’ll let you know what I pick.

Wem-ber-ley, Wem-ber-ley! *football reference*

As well as an awesome mug that will help her be to be a good an even better good wife, Vanna also collected an owl sensei (I think that’s how you spell it), a power screwdriver, and some mixed nuts from the dice game. I didn’t bother taking pictures of her stuff, because, well, who cares now that I have that mug?

You’ve probably noticed that this picture of the box is a little brighter than the other one. Most people would achieve this effect by moving closer to the light, or by using flash. I, however, used my new flashlight LIKE A MAN!

Aaaand that was about it. Oh wait, here’s a picture of the awesome food we had yesterday.

(modelled by Becky’s dad, who couldn’t wait for us to finish taking pictures)

Speaking of food, I’m starting to get hungry…and my new glass is downstairs. I suppose I’ll have to go into the kitchen so I can then bring the mug back up here to ring for food. Such effort. Boy, it isn’t easy being me.


Speak to you later (if I don’t die of a bell-related incident),



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