Anya The Sick Kitten

Even More Photography On The Citadel

Hello all,

Has it really been over two weeks since I last posted? Oh man, time just flies when you’re moderately busy! I had planned to write something much sooner (I’ve had mental drafts on various topics for a while), but for one reason or another (I’d like to say it was mainly because I just didn’t have any free time, but the truth is I kept forgetting…and Xbox), I haven’t got around to booting up WordPress until today. What can I say? Sorry, folks.

In my defence, the Xbox and a wintery laziness (is seasonal depression a valid excuse? It has been pretty miserable here…) aren’t the only culprits for the blog being so quiet. We have actually been rather busy since my birthday. In the past fortnight, my time has been taken up by:

  • My new game! (My obsession has switched from Destiny to something far more…

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