Easter Recap…And Duluth!

Howdy all,

Quick apologies for this late post; I know I said I’d post every Tuesday last Tuesday (wow, I messed up that new routine at the first possible opportunity, didn’t I?) but after spending Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday out the house, I needed Tuesday to recharge my batteries (I also had important things to do, like watch Criminal Minds, and, uh…Xbox). But I’m here now, and late is better than never, right? Right! Good, glad you agree, especially as I have big news to share!

Now, if you remember last week’s post, you’ll know Vanna and I needed to travel to Duluth yesterday for a 2pm Biometrics appointment (that wasn’t the only thing we got up to in Duluth, but I’ll talk about the full visit once I’ve uploaded the pictures!). I won’t bore you with all the details (mainly because there isn’t much to discuss; essentially my fingerprints were scanned onto the computer, a document was stamped…and then we left) but instead focus on the greatest outcome from the trip, which I’ve handily put in bold below so you know it is important!

Providing everything goes well, I should have a temporary work permit sometime in the next month. In other words, I can get a job!

I told you it was big news, didn’t I? I’m not entirely sure what kind of work I will be looking for (‘any’ is probably the correct term), but whatever job I (hopefully) get, the second income will certainly be a welcome addition to our bank balance. Of course, before I even think about jobs, I will first have to Americanize my C.V. (oh boy, that’s going to be fun!) and figure out what kind of hours I could do…but given how long we’ve had to wait to just get to this stage, this temporary permit can only be considered a fantastic step in the right direction. Fingers crossed it arrives soon!

So that’s that. I’ll probably upload the pictures from our Duluth trip later today. Until then, I suppose I should go on the Xbox while I still have time to do so!

Have a great weekend!


P.S. Oh, I mentioned Easter in the title, didn’t I? Well our weekend was mainly a nice, laidback affair. We spent most of our time in Crosby with family and friends. Sadly I didn’t have much chocolate to gorge on, but I did have an awesome BBQ burger at Ya Betchas, which I’d argue is even better…





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