Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Howdy folks,

First, my apologies for this latest blog silence. I had every intention of posting a quick update last week, but because of one thing or another I never got around to getting online. Next thing I know it has been 14 days since I last posted. Whooops. Sorry about that.

So to continue from my last blog post, albeit with a more negative outlook,  today I’m going to talk about how things haven’t quite moved forwards like I had hoped they would back in late April.  Generally we are doing well (Vanna got a new job book-keeping which she is enjoying), but there have been a few frustrating moments lately which have hindered our progress somewhat. For example…

The DMV Continues To Be Difficult

I love driving so much. I hadn’t realized how much I missed it over winter until I got behind the wheel again last month. A few weeks ago we went for an impromptu drive out into the country which was great. With the weather so beautifully warm and sunny…there is nothing better than driving out on the open road. I love it. Unfortunately,  I will have to be a passenger again in July…unless I can bypass the status check on my license.

But wait; didn’t I get a work permit recently? The reason I’m having these problems is because the DMV is hung up on my permanent residency (unreasonably if you ask me…but whatever), or lack thereof. But a work card verifying that I can work should surely be appropriate authorization for them?

Hmm. You’d think so, wouldn’t you? Well it isn’t that straightforward, because of reasons (oh, those reasons! of course!). You see, when I went into the DMV to get my permit, I was told that once I had some proof of residency (all the letters weren’t enough) I should come back in immediately and they’ll validate my license.

So once I had my biometrics appointment and received my card, I went back into the DMV as requested with my information. Finally I was going to get it sorted! Ha! Nope! The lady at the desk instead told me they couldn’t do anything yet, and I needed to wait until July.

Uhhh…what? That is the complete opposite instruction to the one given to us by the first woman! Hmm. Now, I suppose one could accuse the second worker of laziness/incompetence, but hey, I’m not going to question her professionalism like that. What I will say however, is that she didn’t seem too keen to do any work. Uh, is that any better?

Well, regardless of motive, the woman sent us away, which means I’m still waiting for confirmation on whether I can drive permanently or not. This may not seem like a big deal, but my inability to apply for a driver’s license is affecting me in other ways. I’ll explain that shortly, but first, let me complain about Straight Talk!

Trying To Do A Good Deed Has Only Caused  Problems

During our trip to Crosby on Saturday to visit family, Vanna gave my old phone to her sister. Well, tried to anyway. She ran into problems setting the mobile up in her sister’s name almost immediately, because it appears that my old phone still has my current number on it, and refuses to relinquish it.

I won’t bore you with the details, but Vanna was on the phone to Straight Talk’s ‘customer helpline’ for about three hours. In that time, she was switched from rep to rep, and not a single one was able to fix the problem. In fact, one particular genius in the Straight Talk ranks actually made matters worse, because he elected to shut down the number entirely. You know, the number that I’m using. Isn’t that great?

Thankfully I can still text and make phone calls, but I can’t access 3G. This doesn’t sound too bad until you realize that is the main reason I use my phone. Vanna was also charged for my old phone’s new service plan…even though the damned thing doesn’t actually work. Right now we are paying for two phones and neither are functioning in the way that they should. Again, isn’t that just great?

So yeah…Straight Talk suck. Feel free to share that information around.

Applying For Jobs Isn’t Straightforward Either

Remember at the end of my first complaint (I’d hope so, it wasn’t that long ago) when I mentioned that not having a driver’s license is a hindrance for one big reason? Well, that big reason is finding a job.

Why is that the case? The main problem is that, in this area, most people are entirely reliant on access to a vehicle because there are very few options when it comes to public transport. I am no different; without Vanna and her car, I can’t really go anywhere. As a result, my job opportunities are limited to what works with Vanna’s schedule. Finding a suitable job isn’t impossible, but you can understand my search is made harder than it would be if I had my own vehicle.

In fact, I don’t even need a vehicle; I just need a driver’s license.  Right now I can’t drive unless Vanna is with me, which is a serious inconvenience. The ability to drive alone would at least open up a few more doors. For example, I could drop Vanna off at her work, drive to my job, and then pick her up afterwards. It wouldn’t be perfect, but we could make it work.

Sadly though, I can’t do that. At least not until the DMV accepts that I’m not just mooching here for the summer. In the meantime, I’m just going to have to struggle to find suitable work. Thankfully we aren’t dependent on me bringing in money, but I’d rather start contributing sooner rather than later. Every little helps, right? And it would get me out the house on a regular basis, which would be greatly appreciated. I suppose I’ll just have to keep looking and hope something interesting pops up.


But Hey, It Isn’t All Bad News

Chelsea, the football team I support, won the league on Sunday, and I did apply for a few jobs earlier today. I’ll let you know if anything happens.

Speak to you soon,




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