Storm Of The Century

Even More Photography On The Citadel

Okay the title is a slight exaggeration, but the events of Sunday night were pretty fierce, and thus deserve to be discussed in today’s blog…

Howdy folks,

So, what happened in Minnesota, eh? Well this is probably old news for some (I had to wait for pictures from Vanna’s phone so I couldn’t get round to blogging until today) but our area of Minnesota (as well a number of other counties; it was a big one!) was hit by a crazy storm on Sunday. At the time it didn’t feel like much in our house, especially when I think about the very loud thunderstorms we had a few summers ago where the thunder sounded like artillery, the rain was drenching, and the lightning was non stop…but the aftermath to Sunday’s weather was far more devastating than any of the 2012/2013 incidents. Not surprising when you realize a tornado was sighted!

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