Crow Wing County Fair 2015 (And Anya Being Anya)

Even More Photography On The Citadel

Howdy folks,

Two weeks since my last post? Agh, I’m sorry. Once again, I’ve been busy with my own thing, working on my book and neglecting practically everything else. Just had no time for the blog. Sorry about that…again.

But here, let me make it up to you. And I don’t just mean with one, measly slideshow, oh no. Today…I have two measly slideshows! I mean, uh, two AMAZING slideshows!

The first album for your viewing is from our visit to the Crow Wing County Fair yesterday. I’ve already covered this fair twice so finding something a new perspective wasn’t easy…but I tried! Um…if you like cows, it’s worth looking through!

And now for the second slideshow, which is all about Anya the Kitten! Anya and I spend a lot of time together (mostly sleeping or lying around) so I thought I’d update you on our latest adventures. Enjoy!


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