Applying For My Dream Job…And Trivium!

Howdy folks,

I do apologize for being quiet the past few weeks. In my defence, the blog isn’t the only thing that has been ignored recently; chores, my book…even my Xbox  has had little playtime (except for FIFA 16; will talk about that later!) during the last fortnight. Why have I been so sidetracked?  Well a writing position opened up at Bioware earlier this month. If you didn’t know, that happens to be my dream job at my dream company, and for the application I had to write a plot set in a Bioware game universe…so that’s why my priorities had to change this month (sorry Xbox).

But hey, things should return to normal now that I’ve finished. My mood repeatedly changed through the process (sometimes I’d go from pleased to frustrated to pleased again in the space of ten minutes) but ultimately I’m quite happy with how my story turned out. It took a while for me to find the right concept, and even longer to fit the story idea into the Dragon Age universe. I had to do a lot of research (my memory needed some help) to ensure each facet of the plot didn’t contradict the lore. I then decided last minute to switch from a Word doc to Twine, which wasn’t an easy task either.  But I got there eventually. Here’s a link if you want to read it!

(Background information if you aren’t familiar with Dragon Age; Templars hunt bad mages, blood magic is bad, demons are bad, the Fade is essentially the realm of demons and spirits…you should be good now.)

Anything else exciting happening in my life? Well tonight Vanna and I (along with her cousin Brit and her boyfriend Zach) are going to see Trivium at Mill City Nights in Minneapolis. This is my second time seeing Trivium and I AM EXCITED! They were very impressive last time and I can’t wait to hear their new material. Unfortunately the album doesn’t come out until Friday so we can’t memorize the lyrics beforehand, but we’ll have the older songs we can jam too. If only I still had my long hair…*sigh*

Anyway, I’ll tell you about the gig later. For now, here’s the video for Silence In The Snow, my favourite of the three songs I’ve heard. There’s no shouting on Trivium’s new album so even if you aren’t keen on metal you can give it a try. Enjoy!



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