Work, Work And Work…Oh, And More Fallout 4, Obviously.

Howdy folks,

Wow, it has been a while since my last update, hasn’t it? For once, however, my excuse of being too busy is a legitimate one. This past weekend was the first time I’ve been in the house for an extended amount of time with no responsibilities since the beginning of Thanksgiving week. Between my work, Vanna’s work, and all the time spent with friends and family (pft, those people), I haven’t really had much of a chance to relax in my chair. Some days I was lucky to enjoy an hour of television/Fallout 4 before I had to sleep, never mind finding time to publish another blog post (after being used every day, my laptop has now begun gathering cobwebs) As I say, it has been a very busy month!

Things have been pretty good though. I’m enjoying my job and I’d say I’ve had a successful start so far, despite the many technical difficulties slowing me down. I’ve picked up a lot of information relatively easy, and I’m largely capable of working independently with my assignments now. Hopefully I can continue to progress and become more integral to the team. Sometimes it can be somewhat daunting (I am a complete rookie when it comes to finances) but I’m getting there. Well, at least I think I am anyway.

What has really helped with my integration is the friendly atmosphere at Ascensus. Everybody has been very nice, helpful and patient with me. It’s easy to get involved and I think I’m fitting in well.  There are lots of things going on too. We started secret santa after Thanksgiving week (which was pretty festive), and this week there is a free lunch, three days of cookies, ugly christmas sweater day, and our team meal…so yeah, lots of fun. Lots of work, obviously, but lots of fun too.

Of course, my new working life isn’t perfect. I’m still adjusting to the different schedule (ie not going to bed late, sleeping in, and then doing whatever I want all afternoon), and finding time to write my book hasn’t been easy. I’m more inclined to spend the few hours I have free gaming or catching up on my sleep, but hopefully this balance will change soon (Vanna has worked evenings most nights this month so I’ve stayed in Brainerd which hasn’t helped; thankfully that’s changed so I’ll actually be home most nights from now on), and I’ll be able to incorporate my book writing into my evening routine. In some ways the time restrictions could work in my favour; if I am disciplined, one scheduled hour of writing could be more productive than my output in a full afternoon, as the time restrictions will prevent procrastination from taking hold. Guess I’ll just have to try my best, won’t I? If I want to do it, then I should just do it, right?

Anyway, I suppose that it is for now. There are other things I want to talk about (Thanksgiving, our trip to Duluth, our Christmas tree) but that can wait for the weekend or something. I really just wanted to touch base tonight, remind you guys that I haven’t died/forgotten about you all. Can’t believe it has been a month since I started work/last posted. Time goes by fast when you’re having fun?


Speak again soon. And this time, I mean “soon.” Like, within reasonable boundaries of the word’s definition…possibly.




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