Catnip Craziness

So we keep the catnip supplies in the locked cupboard of the dry sink. However, while we were distracted by the apocalyptic thrills of Deep Impact, Anya PICKED the lock and snatched the catnip bag. Not sure what happened next, but when we finally got up to see what was going on (we were suspicious that our animals were being too quiet), we found catnip all over the kitchen floor. Anya was gorging on one bag while Frankie was rolling around another bag.  Come on, kitties. Can we not leave you alone for two minutes?

After cleaning up as much as we could, we then grabbed the camera, because if they are going to be little poops who destroy everything they touch, they can at least be entertaining little poops who destroy everything they touch. Feel free to skip through the video below; it is over eight minutes long and I appreciate not everybody finds our cats as cute as we do (we’re a bit like those obnoxious parents showing everybody we meet pictures of our newborns). But if you are interested in seeing our cats roll around and fight, this is for you. Enjoy!


P.S. first week of work was succesful. I’ll talk more about it next weekend, providing everything continues to goes well.


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