My name is Alex and welcome to writingonthecitadel.

Essentially I’ve made this blog to put my articles and thoughts online. When I’m not writing I’m gaming, so this is an ideal platform to combine my two favourite passions together. In the past few months I’ve found myself exploring new ideas and venturing beyond the experiences I have on my Xbox 360 but I will always find myself being drawn back to it one way or another. Otherwise I’ll be writing about my time in Minnesota, what is happening in my life as well as what I hope will happen in the future. No doubt I’ll complain about a lot of things too!

I’ll do my best to update the blog every day, either through my own musings or through pictures.  Feel free to comment on my articles or email me as I do appreciate your views and your feedback.

Uh, I guess that is about it. I hope you enjoy the blog and I’ll see you around.




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An expression of my love for gaming and writing

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