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Articles I wrote for Eject Disk, a gaming website.

Crysis 3 Beta Available To Play Now (Link To Eject Disk)

Today, Crytek has launched the public beta to Crysis 3 on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. Available to all players with an internet connection, the beta includes the game mode Hunter, whereby two Nanosuited players have to murder 10 grunts before time runs out.

If this sounds too hard, don’t worry: in addition to having a futuristic bow at your disposal, every grunt you kill will then respawn on your team. Expect plenty of stealthing in Hunter though, as both the Nanosuit troopers and the grunts they’re stalking try to avoid alerting the other as they maneuver around the map. With the timer forcing players into action, Hunter is all about who makes the first mistake.

If cloak and dagger tactics aren’t your thing, however, don’t be disheartened. There is a second game mode available in the beta, called Crash Site.  Those of you who played Crysis 2 will be familiar with Crash Site, but if you are new to the franchise, Crash Site involves several objectives that you have to claim before the enemy team does. To help your quest for victory, you’ll have guns, powers (including the Rip And Throw ability, which lets you rip off parts of the environment to either hit somebody or hide behind) and the Pinger, an alien tank on legs.

Read the rest of the article (and watch a video) at Eject Disk.




Black Ops 2 Revolution Live Action Trailer (Link To Eject Disk)

You may recall that last week Treyarch brought out a trailer for the Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 DLC Pack, titled “Revolution”. Today, Activision has released their own advert for Black Ops 2, and it’s safe to say that this video is a little bit different. Starring Peter Stormare, the new live action trailer introduces you to the “Replacer” — a man (Stormare) who kindly does all of your real life responsibilities while you’re busy playing Black Ops.

It doesn’t really talk too much about Revolution (you know, the DLC it is supposed to be promoting) but that flaw aside, the trailer is surprisingly good. It certainly amused us for a few minutes.

See the video at Eject Disk,



BioShock Infinite Preorder Details: Get E-Book And Industrial Revolution Pack Free (Link To Eject Disk)

March is going to be a very exciting month for gamers — not only do we have Gears of War Judgment and the next Tomb Raider catching our eye, we also have BioShock Infinite doing its best to take money from our hard-earned savings. And — if the appeal of fighting two political factors in Bioshock’s flying city wasn’t enticing enough — today we’ve learned there are a few extra incentives to preordering Infinite before its release date on the 26th of March.

Primarily, there is a free copy of the e-book ‘Mind in Revolt’ available to download. This short story, written by Infinite’s writer Joe Fielder (with assistance from creative director Ken Levine), introduces us to Columbia, the war-torn American city that has taken to the sky.

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Black Ops 3 Revolution DLC Trailer (Link to Eject Disk)

Today, the speculation surrounding the first Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 DLC ends. Treyarch has finally made an official announcement on Revolution, the DLC pack we already knew about.

Thanks to several leaks on Amazon, it is no surprise to many of us that Revolution brings us four new multiplayer maps (Downhill, Grind, Hydro and Mirage), one new Zombies map (Die Rise), and a new weapon (the Peacekeeper SMG).

Read the rest and watch the trailer at Eject Disk.




Assassin’s Creed III DLC Out Now! (Link to Eject Disk)

-My first post for Eject Disk. Sorry: forgot to post it yesterday-

Ubisoft has today announced the arrival of the latest DLC pack for Assassin’s Creed III. Titled Battle Hardened, this DLC pack is available now on the Xbox Live Marketplace and the Playstation Network. Battle Hardened is free to Season Pass holders and $9.99 (800 Microsoft Points) for everybody else (if you haven’t already purchased the Season Pass you can still buy it for $30 or 2400 MSP). As for the PC gamers reading this, a version will be arriving soon. Unfortunately, it won’t be released until the 15th of January, so you guys will have to wait another week before you can get involved.

Read the rest at Eject Disk.

Battle Hardened



Eject Disk

Now you may have noticed that I haven’t written anything for Solidus (the gaming website where I’m contributor) lately. This is mostly a result of work commitments, as I’ve struggled to find the time to do anything beyond sleeping once I’ve arrived at home from my long day in Newcastle. What hasn’t helped the situation, however, is the sudden disappearance the site owner. Consequently we’ve been unable to contact him for several months now.

As a result some of the Solidus writers (including myself) have decided to split and form a new website: Eject Disk With Eject Disk we’re putting a strong emphasis on thought pieces (which we were just starting to introduce to Solidus) while keeping our readers up-to-date on the latest gaming news, videos, tech etc etc. There will be plenty of other interesting things to get involved as well, but I’ll talk more about that another time (ie, when I know more about it).

What else? Well credit goes to my friend Oliver for most of what you see and he’s worked very hard to make Eject Disk a professional looking site. In my opinion he’s done a fantastic job so please reward him for his efforts by following that link.

I haven’t been able to write anything for ED just yet (work and house move have been quite big distractions) but now that I’ve finished the draining commutes into Newcastle that should change soon.  But despite my inactivity, the guys have gone ahead and have already published some quality articles, including a ‘Game Of The Year‘ series, so do click on one of underlined words if you enjoy your gaming. Or if you don’t, please forward the news of Eject Disk on to someone who does. I won’t ask again. I promise (I probably will, but I won’t…today).

And that’s it really. If you scroll up the page you should see a new category titled Eject Disk which, as you’ve probably figured out, is where any articles I write for Eject Disk will go (you can also check out what I produced for Solidus under the – you guessed it – Solidus tab). Other than that, I hope you are all having a great Saturday. Vanna posted yesterday so if you missed that, here’s another link for you (what can I say, I’ve gone link crazy!) so you can read that.



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P.S Thanks to the guys at Solidus for accepting me as part of their ranks six months ago. I’ve learned a lot and it’s been great fun.