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Skyrim’s Dragonborn DLC Gets Release Date (Link to Solidus)

Bored of Skyrim yet? Lost interest in the age-old hobby of slaying dragons? Explored everything there is to explore and wandering the forests chasing rabbits no longer appeals? Or has the time spent being over-encumbered due to your reluctance to ditch any of the loot you’ve collected (hey, that silver pot could be useful!) just putting you off playing any longer? Hey, we’ve all been there.

Well thankfully Bethesda have a solution. And it’s called Dragonborn.

I will be blogging about my weekend adventures tomorrow. Until then here’s the link to my Solidus article, including the trailer. Enjoy.



Assassin’s Creed Preview (Link to Solidus)

Assassin’s Creed 3 Preview

Published on October 28, 2012, by – Posted in Opinion, PC, Ps3, Xbox 360 0

Assassins Creed 3

Continuing our theme of last minute previews, we now move our attention to Assassin’s Creed 3, the latest installment in the historic third person stealth game series. Out on the 30th of October (that’s Tuesday people; what have you been doing?!) Assassin’s Creed 3 brings us to a new location (Goodbye Rome!) with a new character (Goodbye Ezio!) and a host of new abilities, features and characters (goodbye courtesans, we’ll miss you!). We can’t wait to play it but what about you? Let’s run through the info and see if we can persuade the more reluctant readers to part with their cash.

New Game, New Hero

It would be fair to say our newest protagonist Connor is slightly different to what we are familiar with in Assassin’s Creed. While Altair was driven by duty and the charming Ezio was on a tale of revenge, Connor is bound by the desire to do good. Whether it is for the Assassins or for his family, Connor makes his decisions based off what he thinks is right. At the end of the day he is just trying to help his people. Awh. Isn’t that nice?

It is important to note that Connor isn’t taking a side in the American Civil War either. As an Englishman I was somewhat wary of the idea of killing my fellow countrymen. But he isn’t killing the British because they are British. Oh. Well that’s all right then. Why not? Because the backdrop to this game remains the same as every Assassin’s Creed game; the battle between the Assassins and the Templars.

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Halo 4 Launch Trailer (Link to Solidus)

David Fincher, take a bow. The man behind Fight Club, The Social Network and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo has been given the reins for the Halo 4 launch trailer and he has, to sum it up in the most concise way possible, nailed it. A beautiful mix of CGI and live action, the trailer introduces us to a young Master Chief (John to his friends) before he is then captured and experimented on, turning him into the killing machine that we know and love (yay cruel scientists!). It looks damn good and we really can’t wait for Halo 4.

But what about you? Watch the trailer and see how excited you get. We dare you…

Fulfill my dare by clicking here and watching the trailer



Medal Of Honor: Warfighter Preview

The game we thought looked the most promising at this year’s E3 is only a week (and one day) away, but after playing the beta and watching the trailers, has our opinion on Medal of Honor: Warfighter changed? Do we still want it? Can it compete with its first person shooter competitors? This week I’ve been learning all there is to know about Warfighter and arrived at a conclusion. Read on to find out what I think in Solidus’ preview of Medal of Honor: Warfighter.

Medal of Honor is the true veteran when it comes to war games. Older than Call of Duty, older than Brothers in Arms and older than Battlefield, Medal of Honor was one of the games that started the FPS war shooters on the latest generation of consoles. I remember playing the very first one on the original Playstation. Remember those days? We’ve came a long way since then but Medal of Honor has always remained with us.

(read the full preview at Solidus)



Mass Effect 3 Omega DLC Given Release Date (Link to Solidus)

The Mass Effect 3 DLC machine keeps on rolling. Earlier this week the multiplayer pack Retaliation was released and now we’ve received news about Omega, which according to executive producer Mike Gamble will be “double the size” of the next largest pack Leviathan.

Slated for a release around the 27th November for a cost of $15, Omega’s story is from the original Mass Effect 3: Invasion prequel comics, whereby one General Petrovsky takes control of the Omega Space Station on behalf of the Illusive Man.

Read the rest at Solidus!

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Mass Effect 3 Retaliation Multiplayer DLC Out Tomorrow (Link to Solidus)

Retaliation, the newest and biggest Mass Effect 3 multiplayer expansion pack to date, will be available to download tomorrow. As well as a new enemy to fight against in Mass Effect 3‘s Galaxy at War mode, there are also new characters, weapons, equipment and maps.

Read all about it at Solidus. There are screenshots and videos too. All you need to do is click on the link.