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Cultivate Festival…From The Outside.

Another Photography On The Citadel

Howdy all,

Sorry for the slight delay for this post, had some reports to transcribe…and I forgot I still had pictures for you.

Anyway, after our trip to Duluth, Vanna and I finished our anniversary week (I realize this was a while back now…) with a visit to her grandparents in the cities. On Friday we went to a car show, and then on Saturday we attended the Cultivate Festival in Minneapolis.

Well…sort of attended it. Because of the crazy amount of people going to the festival, we ended up parking over a mile from the park venue. After a long walk – humidity and heat only made it feel longer – we eventually arrived late to a jam-packed Loring park. The thousands of people did not deter Sharissa or Vanna, but it was too much for me, especially as I already wasn’t that keen on the festival…

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Crystal Cave Trip Pictures! (Well…More Like A Driving Slideshow)

Even More Photography On The Citadel

Howdy folks,

Boy this week went fast. Tuesday and Thursday were busy work days for both of us (granted Vanna had a more tiring time than I did) and sandwiched between them was Wednesday (obviously), when Vanna and I went on an impromptu road trip to Wisconsin!

Why Wisconsin? Well, we wanted to go somewhere different for this spontaneous road, which meant the few locations I know about (Duluth, Ely, Twin Cities) were subsequently ruled out. Also deemed untenable were our more ambitious plans to visit the likes of Montana (don’t ask me where specifically…just Montana) and Mt Rushmore, as it would be impossible to get there given the time restrains (Vanna worked 6am the next day). So, after a brief chat with family members, we were left with one solid option: Crystal Cave, Wisconsin! Vanna has only gone there once when she was much younger, while I’ve…

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We’re Foodies Now

With the weather still awful (no storms; just overcast and drizzling…could be back at home!) and lacking anything new and/or interesting to talk about (I did take the wheel for another drive to Brainerd though; it went well), I’m going to enlighten you all today with some pictures of my food! Woo!

We’ve been experimenting in the kitchen this past week (maybe Vanna thought she’d try something new in case my driving takes us off a cliff) and except for one particular failure (cough, Vanna’s attempt at making home-made guacamole), we’ve been rather successful. Neither of us have much experience in the kitchen (and, I should add, our supplies are rather limited; don’t ask about seasonings), but we’re getting there.

Anyway, here is our first new thing.

All for me. As you can see, I didn’t wait long to tuck in.
Artsy close up. I’m getting hungry again…

Essentially I told Vanna I was hungry (I’m nice like that), and Vanna put shredded cheese, fresh peppers, tomatoes, pasta sauce (tomato, naturally) on french bread. She then added olive oil and put the bread in the oven for ten/twenty minutes. The pictures above were the result. Here’s me enjoying it.

That smile originated from not wanting to tell Vanna to buzz off, but too worried about the game I was watching to look super happy for the camera. It was delicious though.

What did it taste like? A slice of pizza…but healthier. Yeah!

Our second new meal was something I have mentioned before…a Chipotle style Burrito bowl. I actually helped out this time, so I can actually tell you what we did, rather than offer a few vague statements (see above). First, pictures.

Vanna’s bowl.
And again…
Now mine. Yum!
Great. Now I’m really hungry. But there is nothing left! Oh man.


4 chicken tenderloins, which we cooked with seasoning and then shredded. Was delicious.

Brown rice, flavoured with cilantro. Boiled up the rice, then added a mix of cilantro, lime juice, salt and vegetable oil. The rice was a little mushy but this seemed to cement everything together (we used the rice as a bed). Unfortunately there was too much cilantro…it just made the rice taste nasty on its own. Next time we’ll use less of it and hopefully that’ll improve it. Tasted better when reheated though!

Peppers. Chopped up green, red, and orange peppers, which we sautéed lightly in a pan.

Red, pinto and black beans which we, uh, microwaved.

Shredded cheese, spinach leaves, romaine lettuce and pico de gallo were then used to finish off the meal, with tortilla wraps on the side. Vanna then added some ranch or maybe sour cream…I was too busy eating to notice. Sorry.

What did it taste like? Just like the real thing, but even more delicious. Rice could have been better, but everything else was perfect. Very filling, and not too unhealthy either.

Just in case you forgot what it looked like.

I’ll do this again next time we have something new. If you want more information, leave a comment or email, and I will…get Vanna to answer your questions!