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Edinburgh Part Two: The Royal Mile and Edinburgh Castle

The much delayed part two to the Edinburgh story. My memory of the day is a little hazy so I’m afraid the story is rather vague now, but the pictures are worth viewing. Enjoy!

Another Photography On The Citadel

So after our surprisingly interesting and enjoyable tour around Holyrood Palace, we then walked along the Royal Mile, the road/streets connecting Holyrood and Edinburgh Castle. Is it exactly a mile long? No idea. The architecture of the buildings is great though, and on our journey we stopped for lunch at The World’s End pub, which thankfully had improved since my dad’s visit there forty years ago when he had a choice of two drink options and no food menu in a dark and gloomy pub. Despite initial signs looking bad because of kitchen issues, It was actually one of the best meal experiences Vanna and I have had together. The food was excellent (I had a delicious haggis pie with whiskey sauce; Vanna had steak and ale pie which was equally tasty), we tried a fantastic local cider (plus Crabbies Ginger Ale which I really wish was imported here) and…

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Edinburgh Trip Part 1: Holyrood Palace (Plus Graveyards!)

I tried Photobucket. I then tried to delete old pictures from here to clear space. Neither tactic worked. So, sick and tired of the slowness and horrible user interfaces of both websites (I really dislike the updated editor on wordpress, I find it unbearable), I then went to my old photography blogs, hoping to find some memory available on one of them. Turns out anotherphotographyonthecitadel had 50% free, so I went back to the good old fashioned slideshow method (remember those days? magical times). It only took 1 1/2 hours, but whatever. I’ll do this again for part 2. I’ll also use that post to share my thoughts on the whole experience (I realize captions don’t exactly cover much detail, but again, after over an hour of messing around trying to get something very simple to work, I wasn’t in the mood to provide a story). Anyway, I hope you enjoy the pictures! Just click on the link below to see them in full slideshow glory.


Another Photography On The Citadel

Howdy folks,

So I’ve split the Edinburgh trip pictures into two slideshows. The first, which you can see if you scroll down, covers our journey from Edinburgh train station to Holyrood Palace. After a wonderful train ride up the coast (sadly no pictures there; an old lady stole our window seat, and then when we moved elsewhere, we ended up awkwardly sitting next to a man who cast us unimpressed looks between intense typing on his laptop and phone calls bragging about his car, job, pay…stereotypical yuppie, one might say), we unintentionally wandered in the wrong direction to Edinburgh Castle (our first planned stop…whoops) and ended up instead going to one of the Royal Family’s summer destinations, Holyrood Palace, via two cemeteries, because why not visit some dead people?

Pictures with captions tell the first half of our story below. I’ll return with part two later, when I will…

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An Isle Of Skye Adventure (Sadly I Wasn’t Included…)

Even More Photography On The Citadel

Howdy folks,

A busy, albeit not really noteworthy, week for yours truly. On the weekend we took a trip down to the cities (I drove the full journey, my first ever time on three lanes!) to visit Vanna’s grandparents, and then after that…uh, not much; writing, working, chores…watching yet another heavy storm hit us…you know, the usual. I’m currently downloading Gears of War Ultimate Edition onto my Xbox One ready for August 25th (good thing I’m doing it now because at the rate it is downloading, I might need a full month to reach 100%…). Otherwise I’ve played Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition and watching Life on Netflix. As I say, fairly busy for me but not very interesting for you guys.

However, thanks to my lovely stepmother Sue I do have a wonderful slideshow for you guys! Last month, Sue and my dad took a much-needed holiday to the…

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Skye Pictures Part 1…

I realise that I’ve not uploaded any photos for a while, and since our anniversary on Friday I’ve been thinking about Skye a lot. I’ve not really mentioned the Isle of Skye before but it’s a beautiful island off the west coast of Scotland. My family used to always go there for our holidays and I’ll probably still keep going in the future. The scenery is fantastic. And the history is pretty fascinating too.

Anyway, here are some of the pictures Vanna took last year when we went up to Skye for a week. I’ve separated it into two albums but there’s no particular theme to either of them. Vanna would probably divide them that way but I just halved them. I’ll probably write about Skye in the future but for now, you’ll just have to settle for some pictures. If you want to know where a specific picture was taken, just send me a comment or email at alex.best606@gmail.com. There are views of Staffin Bay, Neist Point and Kyleakin in that album. Enjoy.

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