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So…We Ain’t In Crow Wing County No More!

Wow it has been a long time since I posted, hasn’t it? I do apologize (even though I said myself I wouldn’t, I think it is necessary for this gap), but I do have a good excuse – we’ve just finished moving from our little home of three years in Breezy Point (Central Minnesota) to Willmar, 140 miles away in Southern Minnesota.

Big step, right? It was also something of an abrupt one, as Vanna’s decision to go to Ridgewater College to study as a vet tech was only confirmed in April. Obviously, we’d considered this step for a long time, but the actual decision was made less than two months ago.

Consequently we’ve both been very busy putting our affairs in order, as I’m sure you can understand. After all, we had to finish our work assignments (more on that soon), pack all our stuff up (not fun), hire a U-Haul trailer (also not fun) and then start getting everything unpacked at our new apartment.  We’re almost there (internet was installed on Saturday, and it is glorious) but we still have things to do before we can say we’re truly moved in. Isn’t moving wonderful?

Anyway, this is just a quick post to let you know we’re alive; once Vanna considers the apartment good enough to share, I will take pictures and provide you with a more detailed update on our lives.

After all, quite a lot has happened since my last post. There’s cat stories, weddings, Christmas plans, and, uh…more cat stories.

This feline has been particularly naughty.

Speak to you soon (hopefully later this week, depending on when I put together the bookshelf we bought at IKEA…),