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Trivium Gig Review!

Howdy all,

Boy, what an eventful week Vanna and I have had! First we had our trip to the cities, which involved hours and hours of clothes shopping PLUS my first Red Lobster experience, and then, once we got home, we’ve had to deal with car problems, job interviews, and vet trips! The excitement (because bills are super fun and exciting, right?) hasn’t quite ended just yet, but while things are quiet I’m going to take the opportunity to talk about last Wednesday’s Trivium gig. As there were three acts (including Trivium) I figure I’ll break the review into three. First up…

Wilson: Mill City Nights in Minneapolis was the venue, much like it was when Trivium last toured in Minnesota. We arrived on time, bought our Trivium t-shirts (most important detail!) and then listened to Wilson, an upbeat heavy rock/metal band out of Detroit.  They were entertaining, had some good songs, got the crowd pumped up; what more could you want from an opener? The singer even brought out a massive drum and then jumped off the stage and crowd surfed…so yeah, we enjoyed Wilson. They were fun. Drumming was a little simple, but they had some cool solos, and the vocals were decent.

The best thing about Wilson, though, was that they didn’t overstay their welcome. The same cannot be said for the second group, however.

Tremonti:Tremonti was formed by Creed guitarist Mark Tremonti. Cool fact if you like Creed, bad news if you don’t. Why? Because Tremonti’s fame meant his band performed for over an hour! In fact, they were on longer than Trivium, and that’s just not right.

Ugh, I try not to be negative about bands, but when it comes to Tremonti, I can’t help it. Their act started well enough, but soon got very, very, very boring. The occasional instrumental aside, there is nothing positive I can say about Tremonti. The vocals were boring, they had no stage presence whatsoever, and it didn’t take long for all the songs to sound exactly the same. I tried to like them, but I just couldn’t. And any goodwill I still had for them soon disappeared once we hit the hour mark and the singer said they ONLY had three more songs left. No. Get out of here Tremonti. You suck.

Trivium: It took three hours, but finally the main attraction arrived on stage! Once again, Trivium were (was? Just sounds stupid!) awesome. The sound wasn’t as good as last time, and a few of the song choices were somewhat questionable, but to be honest, I’m just nitpicking (I blame Tremonti).  We loved the gig, and we loved Trivium. Had it been any other band, we wouldn’t have stayed through Tremonti’s act. Trivium though, they are most definitely worth waiting for. It was a great performance. I only have two regrets; I wish Trivium had come onto the stage sooner, and I wish they’d stayed there longer too. I wanted more!

Uh, what else can I say? Well I think we (the crowd) did a fantastic job; Paolo (Trivium’s bass guitarist) even tweeted that we were joint best crowd on the tour…so that’s something to be proud of. I realize I’ve only seen a handful of bands live, but I have to say that Trivium are far superior to everybody else when it comes to entertaining the audience (take note Tremonti and In This Moment). They made us want to be loud and raucous. I can’t wait to see them again!

And that’s about it…oh wait! I almost forgot, but at the end of Trivium’s gig, Vanna got one of Matt Madiro’s drumsticks! She really had to fight for it, but she snatched it out of some other girl’s grasp so we now have two Trivium drumsticks (Vanna got the old drummer’s stick a few gigs back) along with several plectrums. We’re building quite a collection! Well, Vanna is. But I’m married to her, so it’s my collection too, right? Even if it isn’t, I have a badass Trivium hoodie that came with the album, and that is arguably as good as a drumstick (the album is pretty fantastic too!).

So that’s the news from our latest Trivium experience. What’s next for us? Well, I have another interview tomorrow, and I’m working on a second game story for another Bioware writing position. I think I applied too late for the first job (the ad closed two days after I posted) but this position might work better for me anyway.  And now that I have some experience of Twine, I should stand a better chance of getting it…providing I apply in time, of course! Anyway, I’ll post a link to my second story sometime next week.

A’right, I think that’s it. I’ll speak to you guys later!







*Edit: One thing I hate about writing gig reviews is using the correct terminology regarding the bands. To me, it should be “Trivium are” not “Trivium is.” I realize that’s wrong, but it is a difficult habit to break. So, uh, apologies for any grammar mistakes above.*