Getting Ready For Work…

Sorry for not blogging about my job training yesterday. I got home and I was just too tired to function. Not a great sign, really, when I was only out for an hour or so and today I’ve got an eight-hour shift to get through. Hmm.

Anyway, you’ll be glad to hear that the training session went well. I turned up, signed my documents, got my uniform and learned my assignment. Very straightforward, and I’m comfortable with what I have to do.

So, what do I have to do?

Essentially my job is to guard a road block (while trying not to freeze to death). I’m there to stop people pulling up, moving the cones and driving through. Nobody is allowed past except for emergency vehicles, the people who hired us, and the Royal Mail vans (but that’s just my road). Everyone else is given a polite ‘sorry, but you can’t come this way.’ It’s not overly challenging, but I’m happy to do it.

Fortunately, I’m not on a road that I think will cause a great deal of difficulties. I expect there will be some people who will try to get down the slip road to my old college, but I think there would be a lot more encountered if I were guarding a main road. As we’re in high vis jackets (you’ll see shortly) we’re bound to be asked questions about the Lumiere festival, but again, my job is easy as I’m right next to the entrance. All I have to do is point to some stairs. So hopefully it’ll all go well.

My only worry at the moment is my partner. As we’re going to be there for eight hours, it would be nice if it was someone that I can have a conversation with. I’m sure coordinating our breaks will be easy enough no matter who it is (someone always has to be on point), but I want someone to help me pass the time. Most of the other guys have met who they’ll be with (no guarantee they’ll get along, but it helps), but I was one of the unfortunate ones who received my instructions solo. I was told beforehand I’d be with a girl my age, but she didn’t turn up…so I’ve got no idea who it’ll be. Maybe her, maybe someone else. Ideally someone with a car who likes football. That’d be nice.

Okay…my uniform. I took pictures last night when I got home.

…I’d appreciate it if you didn’t laugh.

The least blurry picture had to be the one with the awkward pose and facial expression, didn’t it?
I’ve got my hat, gloves and heat warming things…I’m confident I’ll be warm even at midnight.
How I’ll look at midnight. Boom, game face.

…yeah. Not my favourite attire, but at least I won’t get run over. And it gives me some authority, which is nice.


Uh, is that the time? I should probably go and prepare myself. I’ll do my best to blog, either when I get home tonight (if I’m not too tired) or tomorrow morning, but no guarantees. My laptop is playing up, and I’m going to have to call the repair people…*sigh* Not looking forward to that. But if I’m conscious and my laptop doesn’t explode, I’ll let you know how my first day went.

Speak to you soon,



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