Car Show Pictures (Part 2: St Paul)

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Howdy all,

As promised, here are the pictures from the North St Paul Car Show. This is a bigger slideshow than the first one, so hopefully it is a good album for the car aficionados. Apologizes for the poorer quality pictures; my camera died near the end so I had to improvise with Vanna’s phone (because of ordering issues, they are randomly assorted in the slideshow below).



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Car Show Pictures (Part 1: Brainerd)

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Howdy folks,

Welcome to the new photography blog! As you can see, I’ve changed things up a little with the theme, mainly because I’m trying to find a style which works best with pictures (key feature given that this is a photography blog). I’m not sure if ‘Intergalactic’ is the one, but we’ll see how it goes. Any feedback, especially related to accessibility or picture quality, is appreciated.

Anyway, it seemed fitting to start the new blog with a car slideshow, as both the start and the end of our anniversary week was marked by trips to classic car shows. The first event was a modest affair in Brainerd while last Saturday we experienced a big show in St. Paul. The pictures from that day will be uploaded tomorrow. Probably. Gears of War: Ultimate Edition has been my life since Tuesday. To be honest, I’m surprised I remembered to…

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Anniversary Week Over…Now Gears Week Awaits

Howdy folks!

So, after a very enjoyable week celebrating our one year anniversary, Vanna and I are sadly back to our normal routine today. We’ve had a great 9 days together though, and we have lots of stories, experiences and pictures from our adventures and trips away.

What did we get up to? Well, we went north for a couple of days, and we went south for a couple of days too.  It was a busy week. We did some new things, we did some old things. Vague, right? But don’t worry; we both had our cameras, so everything we did on our trips (within reason obviously; we’re not those kind of photographers!) was well documented, the needs of my blog followers (if you still exist!) considered throughout, because I’m like that you see.

HOWEVER, don’t get too excited yet because it might take me a few more days to get our adventures to you. I know, I know, but I do have some valid reasons for this delay.

The main problem is that we took something like a thousand pictures over the past week. Understandably, it is going to take me a while to go through them all. The huge albums currently on my computer need to be combined, filtered via a quality check (going through the dozens and dozens of almost identical duplicates is going to be so much fun…), categorized, edited, and then approved by Vanna before I can finally upload the finished selections to the blog for you guys.  I also need to check that my new photography wordpress is ready, and then write a story for each album…tis a process, folks.

Another factor to consider is that Gears of War Ultimate Edition will be playable tonight! As a consequence,  my priority over everything this week is going to be Gears (even bathing, eating, and sleeping will take a backseat to gaming!) so going through those pictures may take me even longer than initially estimated. I’ll do my best not to forget about it, though. No promises, however.

So yeah, that’s about it for now. I just wanted to let you know that Vanna and I are doing great, and that we’re finally back from our exciting adventures. Hopefully the first of my many slideshow/story posts will be on the blog sometime later this week.

See you then!



Crow Wing County Fair 2015 (And Anya Being Anya)

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Howdy folks,

Two weeks since my last post? Agh, I’m sorry. Once again, I’ve been busy with my own thing, working on my book and neglecting practically everything else. Just had no time for the blog. Sorry about that…again.

But here, let me make it up to you. And I don’t just mean with one, measly slideshow, oh no. Today…I have two measly slideshows! I mean, uh, two AMAZING slideshows!

The first album for your viewing is from our visit to the Crow Wing County Fair yesterday. I’ve already covered this fair twice so finding something a new perspective wasn’t easy…but I tried! Um…if you like cows, it’s worth looking through!

And now for the second slideshow, which is all about Anya the Kitten! Anya and I spend a lot of time together (mostly sleeping or lying around) so I thought I’d update you on our latest adventures. Enjoy!


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An Isle Of Skye Adventure (Sadly I Wasn’t Included…)

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Howdy folks,

A busy, albeit not really noteworthy, week for yours truly. On the weekend we took a trip down to the cities (I drove the full journey, my first ever time on three lanes!) to visit Vanna’s grandparents, and then after that…uh, not much; writing, working, chores…watching yet another heavy storm hit us…you know, the usual. I’m currently downloading Gears of War Ultimate Edition onto my Xbox One ready for August 25th (good thing I’m doing it now because at the rate it is downloading, I might need a full month to reach 100%…). Otherwise I’ve played Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition and watching Life on Netflix. As I say, fairly busy for me but not very interesting for you guys.

However, thanks to my lovely stepmother Sue I do have a wonderful slideshow for you guys! Last month, Sue and my dad took a much-needed holiday to the…

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Storm Of The Century

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Okay the title is a slight exaggeration, but the events of Sunday night were pretty fierce, and thus deserve to be discussed in today’s blog…

Howdy folks,

So, what happened in Minnesota, eh? Well this is probably old news for some (I had to wait for pictures from Vanna’s phone so I couldn’t get round to blogging until today) but our area of Minnesota (as well a number of other counties; it was a big one!) was hit by a crazy storm on Sunday. At the time it didn’t feel like much in our house, especially when I think about the very loud thunderstorms we had a few summers ago where the thunder sounded like artillery, the rain was drenching, and the lightning was non stop…but the aftermath to Sunday’s weather was far more devastating than any of the 2012/2013 incidents. Not surprising when you realize a tornado was sighted!

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4th of July 2015 (Recap in Pictures!)

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Howdy folks,

I hope you all had a great weekend. Vanna and I were pretty busy…in fact, we’re still waiting for a day where we can recover! Here’s a quick summary of what we got up to:

Saturday- Crosby parade, family dinner, afternoon with friends Becky, Meg, and Larry, and then the Brainerd firework display (again with Becky, Meg and Larry; the firework pictures in the slideshow below were pinched from Becky, who took some fantastic pictures with her new camera). It was a fun and busy day!

Sunday- Spent the day with friends (the Kidds, plus Becky, Meg and Larry) at the Kidd’s cabin. After that we went to their house for dinner.

Monday- Dinner with the newlyweds Koda and Mickey at Poncho & Lefty’s. We also had ice cream!

Tuesday-Spent the day with Koda in Crosby, as he will be leaving Wednesday (today!) to start married life…

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